Energetico Ventures was founded to identify, finance, structure, enhance, launch, operate and create exit opportunities for disruptive technologies that will lead in their respective markets and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Energetico Ventures has assembled a team of leading technology, finance, government, and media leaders that provide unique insight, experience and contacts in enhancing our portfolio companies.

Abe M. Sher Bio

Abe M. Sher is a technology entrepreneur who has been instrumental in numerous successful technology company ventures for over the past 20 years. Mr. Sher has extensive business experience on 5 continents and has concluded successful transactions with many of the world’s leading technology and financial companies and entrepreneurs. He has launched, led, managed,  arranged financing, acquired key intellectual property rights, conducted global business development, and has been involved in the sale of numerous private and public companies.

Mr. Sher has a universe of investors, advisors and contacts spanning the globe, including leaders of industry, Royal Family members and disruptive technologists. He has been personally invited to be a key speaker by the King of Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority at several annual Global Competitiveness Forums, as well as being personally invited by the King of Morocco to be a speaker at the Conference of Nobel Laureates in Fez, Morocco.

Mr. Sher has been on the Board of Directors, served as CEO, Managing Director, General Counsel and/or advisor to several publicly traded and privately held technology and telecommunications firms. His experience spans numerous industries including water, environmental, software, semi-conductor, entertainment & media, medical, among others.

Mr. Sher founded Slingshot Ventures and is currently the Managing Partner of Energetico Ventures, a boutique investment and advisory firm, and is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Aqua Sciences, Inc., a Delaware corporation involved in the development, manufacture and sale of advanced water technology products and services.  Under Mr. Sher's leadership, Aqua Sciences has developed and markets innovative atmospheric water generators that will generate drinking water virtually anywhere on the planet, including deserts.  Contracts spearheaded by Mr. Sher include the Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, the United States Army, and the United States Department of Homeland Security-Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), among numerous other key domestic and international deals.

Further, under Mr. Sher's tenure, Aqua Sciences' proprietary technology has received numerous international accolades and awards, including Time Magazine's Best Medical Invention, The Wall Street Journal's Innovations Awards (Top Prize, Environmental category, Silver Prize Overall), Going Green-KPMG Top 100 Private Companies and Artemis Prize for Top 50 Global Water Company.  Aqua Sciences has also been covered by major international and local media outlets including CNN, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Investor's Business Daily, among numerous other coverage.

Mr. Sher has had an active role in transactions with value in excess of $1B during his career. Mr. Sher was on the Board of Directors of Magfusion, Inc., a world-leading MEMS (micro electromagnetic switch) technology company in Chandler, Arizona, (sold to a major international electronics firm). Mr. Sher also advises several other technology companies including a revolutionary semiconductor firm. Mr. Sher personally spent a year negotiating directly with the founders of Skype Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis to acquire their interest in an online peer-to-peer file-sharing program, structuring a transaction that afforded them early capital for the development of Skype. Further, Mr. Sher identified and acquired rights to key intellectual property relating to the identification and transfer of files over the internet which became foundational in several technology transactions and in connection with massive litigation concerning file sharing disputes with the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA).

In the last few years, Mr. Sher introduced and helped to negotiate financing for a leading environmental technology company that resulted in approximately $100M in financing from a single private equity fund for that company over the past 4 years.  Mr. Sher is also the Founder of ZeroPhone.com, a telecommunications platform technology company and a Co-Founder of SuperEye, a Company engaged in the development of advanced technologies. Mr. Sher co-founded SuperEye with Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, currently the Chairman of Opthamology at Stanford University Medical School, and Daniel Bock, a seasoned and successful technology entrepreneur. 

Recently, under Mr. Sher’s guidance, Energetico acquired the xSides intellectual property portfolio that involves providing a dedicated secure communications from the core of the Internet cloud directly to a display. This IP portfolio was sold to Ostendo, where Mr. Sher is on the Advisory Board.

Mr. Sher began his career in the private practice of law in Los Angeles.  He is currently based in Miami Beach, Florida.


Aqua Sciences, Inc., a Delaware, USA corporation, has developed a multi-award-winning technology that generates drinking water from atmospheric air virtually anywhere on the planet, including in dry deserts.  The technology is totally different than any previous approach to harvest atmospheric water and is protected by approximately 150 patents worldwide and extensive unpublished trade secrets including technical knowhow.

Other approaches to generating atmospheric water such as refrigerant condensation have proven to be unreliable or very limited in operating environments. (They require warm humid conditions in which to work.) Aqua Sciences technology is the only one which will effectively function in dry and colder environments.

How it works: Aqua Sciences' proprietary technology leverages natural salts to extract atmospheric water in material quantities even in dry conditions, at a compelling price and with low energy requirements based upon specific customer specifications. This technology has already been fielded in disaster relief scenarios and has assisted in saving thousands of lives.

Aqua Sciences proprietary technology has been validated by key governmental customers and has been previously recognized as the #1 Environmental Technology by the Wall Street Journal in their annual Technology Innovation Awards and as Time Magazine's Best Medical Invention.

Aqua Sciences  also been recognized as a Top 50 Global Water Company by the Artemis Group (which specializes in water technologies) and as a Top 100 Green Company by Going Green (a leading environmental technology organization.) Forbes Magazine published that "solutions like those developed by Aqua Sciences show that truly innovative technologies can redefine the rules of supply and demand and change the marketplace."

Super Eye

Mr. Sher is the Co-Founder of Supereye Corporation, a Company that is developing advanced technologies for Augmented and Virtual Reality devices.  SuperEye developed the Visual Operating System™ that acts as a bridge between the way images are generated by computers and the way the eye and the brain receive and process such data.

SuperEye technology is an advancement in the way brain can process visual information provided to the eyes. The invention enhances the eye’s ability to see and the brain’s ability to process data by providing a more accurate picture of the visual information available to allow the brain to process “super-realistic” images generated by machines.  SuperEye was co-founded with Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, MD PhD, the Chairman of the Department of Opthamology at Stanford University and Daniel Bock, a seasoned and successful technology entrepreneur. Key players at SuperEye include leaders from Medical Science, the technology industry, intellectual property thought-leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Zero Phone

Mr. Sher is a Founder of ZeroPhone, Inc.  ZeroPhone was founded to free users and companies from the restraints and high costs imposed by mobile telecommunications carriers and to empower users to create their own “Micro-Networks”. These “Micro-Networks” allow users to assign and manage their own phone numbers for personal or business groups or networks. 

ZeroPhone is developing a series of platform applications and services including, among others, telephone number provisioning and management, military-grade encryption and security, consumer convenience features, arbitrage revenue-generation features and applications.  ZeroPhone is partnering with leading network providers, major subscription based websites, OEMs and distributors for both wholesale and retail distribution of its products and services. www.ZeroPhone.com

Ostendo Technologies

Mr. Sher is on the Board of Advisors of Ostendo Technologies, Inc. Ostendo has built a comprehensive light-processing platform to enable the next wave of true 3D visualization technology for the mass market. The smart phone and tablet markets have exploded due to the advent of higher quality displays. These new devices have led to many new applications that have changed our lifestyles and facilitated the on demand economy.

The core of Ostendo’s breakthrough light processing platform is its proprietary and patented Quantum Photonics Imager (“QPI”) which is a quantum photonics semiconductor device [and software/firmware] that is the size of a chiclet. The QPI is a multi-color micro-LED display on chip capable of manipulating each pixel individually, thus managing and maximizing light at a quantum level. It is the first fully-integrated light processor which combines light emissive micro pixels with an image processor and modulation software.  www.Ostendo.com

Sold to Ostendo Technologies

Digital Vaulting Technologies for IOT

Energetico has acquired the xSides Digitial Vaulting Technology Intellectual Property Platform

The Digital Vaulting Technologies provide a safe and secure content delivery paradigm for Mobile and new Internet of Things devices that connect directly to the cloud

Engergetico has acquired and is in the process of developing and  licensing intellectual property and related technologies for Trusted Computing and Digital Rights Management Solutions. xSides has been
granted 23 US and 9 International patents to date.

xSides intellectual property enables implementations for both software and hardware techniques deployed in a broad range of end user devices including PCs, Interactive Televisions, Set-Top-Boxes, PDA’s, cell phones, etc. xSides intellectual property enables content providers, service providers, application developers, OEMs, etc. with the technology to segregate and secure display environments on digital devices


The xSides vision is to provide a dedicated communications channel from the core of the Internet directly to the display screen. At the core of the xSides technology is a revolutionary capability to control any digital display (including PC monitors and interactive TV sets) at a level in priority of the operating system resident on the digital device. This unique capability enables OEMs, application developers, content and service providers to create a two-way communications channel directly to their users without reliance on operating system functionality.

xSides patented technology and related Intellectual Property creates a protected platform for supporting open standards-based software applications. It provides
control of the entire video display so that xSides-supported applications can appear on any portion of the screen, in priority of any display generated by the operating system.

arallel Architecture diagram   Sides shown on MS Windows 2K

As a result of this unique architecture, xSides is able to communicate directly to all the video and input mechanisms at a parallel or lower level than the OS, allowing it to create any amount of protected screen space for xSides-supported applications. xSides is also able to securely control mouse, keyboard, and other input devices such as smart card readers, bio-metric scanners and remote control input.

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