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Conquering Inner Space TM

Energetico’s Climate Processor® reduces 30-60% of energy costs, 99.9% of airborne pathogens and up to 100% of greenhouse gases.

How It Works

Like the ocean, we harness the magic of liquid salt.

Liquid salt collects heat, cools air, heats the air when needed, collects humidity when it’s too humid, releases humidity when it’s too dry and stores the sun’s energy for use at a later time.

A Thermodynamic Breakthrough

The Climate Processor® can achieve virtually ANY temperature and humidity condition. Colored lines demonstrate its thermodynamic shortcut and energy savings compared to other systems.


Air Conditioning System

Desiccant Wheel System

The Climate Processor® intersects four critical components to sustainability.

Protection against viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi.

How does a Climate Processor® protect us from pathogens? Precision humidity control and liquid salt antiseptic.  

The liquid salt acts as a biocide, eliminating air-borne pathogens: viruses, (COVID-19, influenza), bacteria, pollen, fungus and mold.

By controlling temperature and humidity we can optimize human respiratory immunity with ambient relative humidity of 50%.

It is the most complete intervention to the infectious aerosol transmission of pathogens.

Energy Costs and Savings 

30-50% Lower Energy Consumption

  • Eliminates intensive maintenance: no air filters, evaporator coil, pans, condensate removal systems.
  • Systems sized more efficiently by handling more latest cooling than conventional units.
  • Smaller capacity compressor, heat exchanger, etc reduces equipment costs
  • Zero-down, shared energy savings payment option

The only fully integrated sustainability solution.


Supports all HVAC capacities

Energy Savings

Saves between 30%-60%

Humidity Control

Superior comfort and health

Air Scrubbing

99.9 % clean air ventilations

Water Generation

100% pure water for any need

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