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Supporting COVID-19 Response

“All in One” xTAC™ can replace standard PTAC unit for Nursing Homes and Hospitals in less than 30 minutes

99.9% Elimination of Virus, Bacteria, Fungus & Mold in air within one hour

Control humidity and temperature to optimal 47-53% relative humidity and 22-23 °C (71.6-73.5 °F)

Energetico Climate Processor®
For Healthcare
  • Easily ADJUSTABLE fresh air + exhaust air controls

  • Simple negative pressure implementation

  • AIR disinfection with antiseptic & anti-virus air washing for both intake and exhaust air to avoid spreading of pathogens

  • Independently control sensible temperature and humidity

Immediate Opportunity: Hospital Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms, Operating Rooms and Response Facilities

“Negative Pressure” rooms are designed to prevent airborne pathogens released from or introduced to patients with illnesses from recirculating in the air


ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2008 recommendations for negative pressure rooms:

  • Minimum of 2 outdoor air changes per hour
  • Maximum of 12 air changes per hour
  • All air exhausted outdoors
  • No air recirculated within the room
  • Max of 60% of relative humidity
  • Room temperature between 70-75° F

The Only “All in One Solution” for nursing homes, hospital operating rooms, isolation rooms, emergency rooms and other facilities to protect against airborne pathogens

  • All in one system provides flexible and easy to install Negative Pressure System to virtually any facility.

  • We precisely control both temperature and humidity and can run regular decontamination cycles.

  • Our machines scrub and purify air destroying airborne pathogens with our natural antiseptic system.

  • We use less energy than existing systems and are easier and cheaper to install.

Home | About Us | Technology | Applications | xTAC™ | BluEco™ | COVID19 Crisis | News | Validation | Contact Us

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