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Our Mission

Do Good and Do Well

In 2007, a team of climate system engineers and inventors observed that traditional HVAC systems wasted energy, contributed to pollution and spread toxic airborne pathogens. 

Inspired to address these issues they resolved to reinvent air conditioning as we know it: reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emmisions while purifiying our air. 

In 2020, these technologists launched Energetico® to commericalize their core technology, the world’s first “all in one” Climate Processor®.

Energetico Highlights

Validated Tech, 50+ Global Patents, Expert Team

Deplyed Globally

1700+ machines

Industry Leader

Science and Engineering Team

IP Protected

Including trade secret know-how

Proven and Validated

Battle tested technology

Company Overview

Headquarters in Miami, Florida

Technology & Development team operations located in Israel (50+ technical patents globally with unpublished know how and new patents filed regularly)

More than 1700 installations commercially worldwide with proven performance of 10 years+.

Pioneered liquid desiccant technology for cooling and dehumidification with broad patented portfolio.

Featured in CNBC Squawk Box, Los Angeles Times, ABC, CBS Sports, others.

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