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Proven Success

Validated global installations in the most challenging indoor environments.

Watch the Arena (Staples Center) success:

* Lab tested by Intertek (leading international testing organization) in Columbus, Ohio (May 2020)

Independent Third Party Lab Results

99.9% Elimination of virus, bacteria, fungus and mold in 60 minutes or less Arena (Los Angeles Staples Center) ROI in One Year

Energetico’s technology saved in excess of 50% of energy (independently validated) and eliminated 8,500 metric tons of CO2.


Very high energy cost

High carbon footprint

Cold and uncomfortable (Avg 55°F per game)

High humidity and dewpoints (Over 60% RH and DP in 50s)


Over 1 million in energy savings

Lowered carbon footprint >8,550 metric tons

Immediately raised indoor temp set point 8-12°F

Maintained RH in healthy target range of 40-50% for all events.  Ice rating was 92% (top 5 in league)

The Climate Processor® is a proven necessary technology.

We have an independently validated technology with blue chip customers including GlaxoSmithKlein, NASA, Proctor & Gamble, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Toyota Sports Performance Center and many others. Most existing and repeat customers show quantifiable and immediate savings upon installation.

Deployed Globally

More than 1700 machines at 600 sites.

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